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Summertime and the livin' is easy...

When I last posted, it was just after Christmas 2020. What a ride the last 6 months have been! Christmas 2020 was cold, and much of it was spent indoors. Sugar & Sage took a little break to spend some much needed quality time with family, via video messaging, and to get some rest. Pandemic burn-out is totally a thing!

A few sessions were had, when the weather wasn't unbearably cold or snowy (a few from one are up on the site!), but between restrictions and cold, it was a nice excuse to stay warm and snuggly with hot chocolate, blankets and Netflix/Disney+! Now that summer is here (and hopefully not too much more of this heat wave

*cue camera melting*), and restrictions are easing, vaccinations are available, and more outdoor time is happening, I'm excited to do more sessions!

Evening and weekend sessions will be available for portraits.

Whether you're a family looking to get updated photos after over a year of not being together, wanting new photos of the kids, a nice photo of you and your loved one, wanting to make an announcement (we won't tell anyone!), or just looking for some fun photos, why not book now.

I look forward to creating beautiful images with you that you're proud to share with your loved ones!

- Patricia

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