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Where It All Began

Where to start? The first post is always the hard one!

I've been photographing things from a young age, starting with those little disposable cameras. (Remember them?)

From there, I used my parents' compact digital cameras before getting my own. I think I had something like the to the right.

I was a great writer (I'd competed in about five or six NaNoWriMo years and crossed the 50k mark most of those years, plus did in a couple smaller competitions a couple times, getting great reviews before ultimately being voted out), and I enjoyed doing photography. What to do?

In 2008 I started my first iteration of shooting photography under a name. I was taking photos of landscapes, buildings, indoor things, events, my husband's (boyfriend at the time) shows, some of his photo advertising, etc. I was the "designated photographer" for Christmas time and family gatherings.

About 4 years after leaving Journalism, I spent a brief stint, working as a photographer for a portrait studio in Wal-Mart and that taught me things both good and bad, taught me what I wanted to do for myself.

About 2 years after that, I took the Certificate of Photography at Mount Royal University, and completed it.

My friends and family all told me my stuff was good. Some even told me others they knew had seen it and liked it. I had a Facebook page with people I didn't even know liking my work. I knew it was time to start myself up, but I wasn't sure how.

Slowly I started, making a webpage for myself and trying to promote myself on Facebook. It wasn't going well. I was trying to do too many things at once and it was overwhelming me. Shortly after I started, some things happened that prompted me to re-brand myself. After much thinking, mind-changing, doubt, etc., I re-branded myself in 2018 to Sugar & Sage Photography.

I now had a name I liked better, which suited the new chapter in life, a fresh start of images which better suited the direction I wanted to go, and brand new website, proper advertising, etc.

Two years later, I have a much more clear vision of Sugar & Sage Photography, better knowledge of myself, my camera, my direction and find pride in helping my clients get memories that will last forever.

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